Hello INNER ARTIST! Are you interested in collaborating with our brand? After numerous requests and inquiries about an ambassador program, we finally set up an application process! We are all about collaborating with and empowering other ambitious women. 

We collaborate with influencers anywhere from 1k to millions of followers. When you submit an application, we will check real engagement rates and if the content is aligned with our brand message/vision.

Do you also want to be an affiliate? You will be able to give your audience 10% off their orders with a custom discount code and once you get 10 orders, you are eligible to be upgraded to an affiliate!
What we expect from our INNER ARTIST community:
- One permanent feed post about The INNER ARTIST Community.
- One multi-slide 24 hour story post about  The INNER ARTIST Community.
- Product link in your bio for first 24 hours of promotion or use of the swipe up feature in your Instagram Story post.