Do you have an audience who you think would resonate with our brand? Do you have high engagement rates and a loyal following? We would love to work with YOU! 

Become an affiliate for INNER ARTIST and rep our products as you join the movement to empower more ambitious women.

GIVE 10% SAVINGS + EARN 15% commission!

  1. Sign up to be an affiliateHERE.
  2. If approved, you will receive a personal link to share with your audience 
  3. Upon signing up to be an affiliate, you will have a backend dashboard that shows you how many conversions you have, how much you’re owed and how much payment you have received. 
  4. Share your personal link with anyone who is interested! *PLEASE no cold messaging people
  5. When someone uses your personal affiliate link and purchases from INNER ARTIST you receive a 15% commission for each sale. 
  6. You will be paid on the 1st day of every month following the sale AS LONG AS you have accumulated a minimum of $25 in commissions. If you have not accrued that minimum balance, I will pay you the next month on the 1st once you have exceeded the minimum requirement. 
  7. There is no contract for this program and you can cancel at any time!

What is expected?

1) At least one permanent post on their Instagram Feed

2) At least one multi-slide Instagram Story post with "swipe up" to the direct link to purchase

3) One additional post or shoutout on another platform reaching their audience (Facebook, Youtube, Podcast, etc). 



How will I know if I am approved to be an affiliate?

The INNER ARTIST Team will send you an email once reviewing your application and you are approved! 

Does every application get approved?

No, we will look at numerous variables such as the industry you are in, type of audience, size, engagement rate, number of platforms, etc.

Do I have to have a lot of followers to be considered as an affiliate?

Our minimum requirement is 10k. We understand the power of mirco and macro influence and have accepted affiliates with sizes from 10k followers up to millions. We consider much more than the number of followers before approving our affiliates. *If you have under 10k, but still want to be an affiliate, you can apply for our ambassador program with an opportunity to upgrade to be an affiliate. Click here

How am I paid?

I will send out payments via PayPal on the first of every month. You need a PayPal account to be an affiliate. You need to exceed a minimum balance of $25 in commissions before getting paid.

Can I be paid early?

I cannot pay affiliates on personalized schedules, everyone is paid on the first of each month following the sale. 

Will I have my own personal coupon code to share with my audience?

Yes it will give your audience 10% off and will be generated once approved to be an affiliate.

Where should I post this link?

On your IG Story as a swipe up or on your highlights or a link in your bio. 

Is there a minimum I have to sell in order to be paid?

Yes, you must exceed $25 in commissions before you get paid. If you don’t exceed the minimum balance, then you will be rolled over to the next month and will be paid the 1st of that month once you have gone over your minimum requirement. 

What if payment isn’t working? 

You may need to reach out to PayPal to make sure all your settings enable you to receive payments.

When can I expect a response back on my application?

Please give us at least 7 business days to get back to you.